Condensing Boilers

Condensing boiler systems in Reading

Condenser boilers

Efficient condenser boiler installation in Berkshire

Are you looking for high-efficiency water heating? Then your first choice should be a condensing boiler system. By using the waste heat in the flue gases to preheat the water entering the boiler, condenser boilers offer homeowners a great way to save hundreds on their heating bills annually (when compared to G-Rated boiler units).
At Steve Marshall, we offer excellent condensing boiler installation and repairs in Reading and the surrounding areas within Berkshire.
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Condenser boiler myths dispelled

Recent industry studies have shown that modern condensing boilers are as reliable as standard boilers and do not require more frequent servicing than regular boilers.
In fact, condensing boilers are always more efficient under all operating conditions than conventional boilers.
If you're looking for an environmentally-friendly, highly efficient heating system for your Berkshire home, look no further than a condensing boiler system from Steve Marshall. Call our expert team today for a free quote.
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