Central Heating

Central heating systems in Reading

Central heating system

Keep you cosy this winter

If you're feeling the chill and your old radiators are more totalled than toasty, it's time to replace your central heating system with a new one from Steve Marshall.

Are you looking to replace your current radiators with modern energy efficient models? We're Berkshire's first choice for expert installation of:
  • Low surface temperature radiators
  • Skirting radiators
  • Towel warmers
  • Radiator cabinets
  • Compact and over-sized radiators
For central heating and boiler installation and repairs in Berkshire,
call us on 07836 535 753

Heating and boiler repair or replacement in Reading

There's no need to worry about boiler health with Steve Marshall's extensive boiler repair or replacement options.

Whatever the design of your central heating system, our expert technicians will give you a free quote on the work needed.
Boiler replacement
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